Sunday, April 30, 2006

Break The Rules(Bangaram)

Once a government rule has been passed, it is applicable to all the citizens, and film personalities are no exception. Recently the regional censor board issued ‘A’ certificate Bangaram. This clearly implies that those below the age of 18 cannot watch these films. Further the producer, distributors and exhibitors are expected to display the ‘A’ certificate on the movie stills and posters. Unfortunately the producer flouted the rule and shockingly there is nobody to ensure that it is followed.T. Vijaykumar Reddy, the regional board censor chief, admitted that this film was given ‘A’ certificate.“There is lot of violence and needless exposure in this movie,” says the censor chief. “Even theatre owners are expected to display the Adults only certificate so that minors can stay away for this film".

Burn the Pockets

We all know that Chiranjeevi's Jai Chiranjeeva flopped. Also one that played a main role in the film's failure is the hike in tickets. While it turned negative for the film none of the other filmmakers followed the trend.
But now Pawan kalyan's Bangaram is due for release and one hears the price of tckets are to go up again.The budget of the movie bangaram has crossed the limit.
Even if the film is good, it's difficult to bring the family audience to the theatre because it tends to burn their pockets. Let's watch if this failed scheme works for the mega brother atleast.The two mege brothers are the main reason for hike in tickets price which burns the audience pocket.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Kabhi Wishkey Kabhi Rum

Yash Raj Films for the first time making a south indian movie named "Kabhi Wishkey Kabhi Rum".And cast is Chiranjeevi,Pawan Kalyan(Pshyco Star),Allu Arjun,Shakeela,Abhinaya Sri,Udaya Bhanu.And the tag line of the movie is "Its all about loving others family".The Budget of the movie is 50000 with actors remuneration.This movie is started within a year.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Monday, April 24, 2006

Flop Fecilitation Function

The felicitation function was avoided by the south indian superstar Rajinikanth & also the malayalam superstar Mamooty. The two powerful families in the telugu industry Nandamuri & Akkineni families completely boycotted the show along with Venkatesh,Super Star Krishna,Vijaya Nirmala, Kaikala Satyanarayana,Krishnam Raju, Dr. Raja sekhar, Jeevitha,Rajendra Prasad,Suman,Jagapathi Babu,Venu,Tarun Nitin,Prabhas, Sudhakar, Sunil, Prakash Raj,Puri Jaganadh ,SS Rajamouli,Sukumar,Prabhudeva,Krishna Vamsi,Ramya Krishna,Vijaya Shanti,Roja,MM Keeravani,Manisharma,MS Reddy, MS Raju,Sravanthi Ravikishore, Dil Raju etc. Mahesh babu attended the function as he got the pressure from his producer Aswani datt.As most of the celebrities shown their back to the function chiranjeevi has lifeless smile on his face.This is one of the Utter flop show ever held in telugu film industry and it was a big shame to so called Megastar.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Coming Soon

This is chiranjeevi next venture after stalin.Director of this is movie is non other than his psycho brother pavan kalyan.Producers of this mega project are MrAllu Aaravind(chiru thoka),Nagendra Babu.The movie shooting is delayed due to dates of heroine Udaya Bhanu.She is busy with tv programs once more please,sahasam cheyara dimbaka.This movie story is based on true love story(inside story) happened between chiranjeevi and udaya bhanu.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Pavan's Heroine Never Got Up Again

Whether its supriya,the grand daughter of Akkineni Nageshwar rao, or Devayani or in that matter any heroine who acted with the power star never ever looked back into tollywood again.
Read This to believe...


1. SUPRIYA (Akkada ammayi ikkada abbayi)
2. DEVAYANI(Suswagatham)
3. RAASI(Gokulam lo sita)
4. KEERTHI REDDY(Tholiprema)
6. RENU DESAI(Badhri,Jonny)
7. MEERA JASMEEN(Gudumba shankar)
9. MEERA CHOPRA(Still to come Bangaram)

Beware, Power star doesn't have the stamina to power his gals

No Difference

Pavan Kalyan - The Trend Setter of Huge Flops

Pawan Kalyan Who is known as power star has became a trend setter of huge flops to tollywood.This came to live light after the utter flop of johnny a 1 day movie.The producer of johnny Mr AlluAravind has collected full money from distributors and he is safe.But the distributors have became the real loosers.After Johnny many distributors and exibhitors went on to roads.This is the stamina of the mega brother pawan kalyan.

Father Theresa

He always talks about society and charity even the people like Mother Theresa never talked like him. His fans fondly call him Gandhi. He is none other than our so called Megastar Konidela Siva Sankara Vara Prasad aka Chiranjeevi who spend 50 million rupees (5 crorers) for his daughters wedding. One really never undestands why he always needs attention and hype from media even for his one time engagement canceled daughters marriage. He appears in a white traditional dress posing like Gowthama Budha but spend millions of money which he earned in different ways through movies, advertisements, blood and eye bank. His fans gave blood for his charitable trust he inturn sell the blood for mind blowing prices and making money. 2 years back he constructed a house costs 31 crores and now for this marriage he spends 5 crores. Where did this money comes from? Only God knows but When these innocent idiot fans will know? this also God only knows.......Jai Chiranjeeva...

Chiranjeevi Game with Uday life

Uday Kiran never wanted to marry Susmitha, its otherway around. Susmitha had crush on Uday Kiran like any other girl and forced chiranjeevi went onto threatening chiranjeevi but initially chiranjeevi never agreed. But suddenly everything changed after he got a phone call from his friend chandra babu naidu, chandra babu said Saifabad police booked a case against Susmitha and another Male who are in fully drunken stage and romancing in a car at necklace road and they theratened police when a police officer tried explain them its illegal. Chandra babu told to chiranjeevi this is not the first time and adviced him to get marry. Chiranjeevi like any other sensible father asked Susmitha who she wants to marry being daughter of Chiranjeevi she told Uday Kiran's name. Chiranjeevi immediatley called Uday Kiran and requested to marry Susmitha poor Uday Kiran he never thought that was a trap and he agreed instantly. Later So called Gandhi called media and explained abt the wedding in a filmy style. Later both Uday Kiran and Susmitha flied to London for a holiday and enjoyed there more than 2 weeks and came back to London. After coming to India Uday Kiran realised there is some thing going on and called Chiranjeevi and pressurised him to announce the wedding date. But Chiranjeevi with Allu Aravind and his daughter susmitha called off the marriage without even consulting Uday Kiran and started bad propaganda in a systamatic way by linking Uday Kiran name with Times Of India Journo name Niveditha, later TOI people revealed no body working with that name.